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Life Insurance

Have you considered what will happen to your debt and financial obligations should you pass away too soon? Many residents in Georgia are family members who are having to deal with obligations due to their loved ones passing away unexpectedly and having to carry their financial burdens. With a life insurance policy from Fallaize Insurance Agency, Inc., you can protect your loved ones by having the obligations covered with a policy.

Burial Costs and Funeral Services

There are several ways that you can lay your loved ones to rest with the assistance of a funeral home. A funeral home will also schedule and host funeral services and arrangements, but these services come at a price. If you have specific wishes that you would like carried out at the time of your passing, then you should include enough funds in your life insurance policy to cover them.

Outstanding Mortgages and Debts

Whatever outstanding debt you have currently, you should include in your life insurance policy. When you may pass away, any mortgages or property liens you may have do not absolve upon your demise. These debts must still be paid or turned back over to the lenders. If you want your family members to inherit this property, enough funds to cover any outstanding debt must be provided so that they can cover the costs and keep the property that you have left for them. Otherwise, they may be forced to sell and not have an opportunity to enjoy it.

College Expenses

Saving for college for your children or grandchildren is a financial goal that we all like to achieve. Unfortunately, an untimely death can stop that from happening. With life insurance, your policy can include enough funds to set aside for your loved ones, so they have the money they need for their college education.

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